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The Chronicles of the African American

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My name is Herbert George Strider. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Hill District on June 21, 1944, and raised in a strict Catholic family. I attended St. Richard’s Catholic school on the Hill and attended Central Catholic High School. After my Sophomore at Central Catholic, the family moved to Cleveland Eastside where I attended East High School and graduated on June 15, 1962, and on July 16, 1962, I joined the United States Air Force. I was a jet engine technician for 16 years and due to combat injuries retrained to Training Manager until I retired on August 1, 1982. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Education. Since then, I have taught school, worked as a Records Manager for the Navy, and worked some in Human Resources. I am a disabled combat Vietnam vet.


I have 3 adult children, 9 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. I love gardening and I have published 2 black History books. I am fascinated with American History and the struggles of all the people that made this country great.

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The Chronicles of the African American is about American history that was not taught in schools. It is about a timeline of sorts, a calendar of events in the life of the African American outside the plantation. The laws of our land that governed the African/American and some of the results. This book is about a quest for freedom, equality, and dignity.

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People in America should read this book.

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